See a massage therapist at our Highton, Geelong clinic to feel great or ease the tension on your tired muscles. South Valley Clinic’s massage therapy offers you a range of styles depending on the type of massage you prefer and the goals of your session. Elise Pook is highly regarded in our region because of her friendly nature, extensive knowledge and the take-home advice she can offer patients to help them remain pain free and functioning well.

A massage at our Highton, Geelong clinic can help you:

  • recover faster from sports injuries or physical activity
  • relieve muscle tension from stress, poor posture or overuse
  • release tight spots
  • improve flexibility
  • improve posture
  • reduce general aches and pains
  • reduce joint stiffness
  • reduce or prevent headaches
Massage Therapy

With today’s busy lifestyles and increasing tendency to sit at a computer or desk, a regular visit to our Highton, Geelong massage therapist is highly recommended. In combination with an exercise program, that one of our Highton physiotherapists can prescribe, a massage might be the best way to prevent a painful condition creeping up on you.

Massage sessions are available for 30, 45 or 60 minutes, so call and book with our Highton massage therapist today. Alternatively, you might like to consider a soft tissue treatment with our myotherapist.