The experienced practitioners at South Valley Clinic have a goal to make your visit special each time you come through our door. To us, care is not just about alleviating your pain, but investing in your health and wellbeing to achieve an outcome that’s meaningful to you.

Our Geelong physiotherapists will look at the way you move and the way your body feels, and consider what exercises you need to improve your health. Our myotherapists and massage therapy team can treat your muscles and soft tissues, while our Geelong podiatrists will take a look at your feet and legs, in addition to how you walk, to help with issues of your lower limbs.


If you have any muscular or soft tissue problems, then you might benefit from seeing a myotherapist at our Highton, Geelong clinic. Myotherapists treat a range of conditions relating to muscular dysfunction, either from trauma, poor posture, fatigue, overuse or imbalance. South Valley Clinic is a quality Geelong myotherapy clinic treating a large number of patients...

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Our Highton, Geelong physiotherapy team has an approach to care which is extremely patient-centered, educational and encouraging. As physiotherapists, we believe our role goes beyond alleviating patients’ pain and improving functioning only when you come by the clinic. We think better health and wellbeing is achieved when a physiotherapist teaches patients to connect with their own...

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Podiatry specialises in conditions of the foot, ankle and leg, treating a wide range of conditions which affect these areas of your body. Practising from South Valley Clinic, Dean Remyn has been the highly-regarded podiatrist Highton locals have called on for foot-related treatment and advice for the past 15 years. Dean not only offers professional...

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See a massage therapist at our Highton, Geelong clinic to feel great or ease the tension on your tired muscles. South Valley Clinic’s massage therapy offers you a range of styles depending on the type of massage you prefer and the goals of your session. Elise Pook is highly regarded in our region because of...

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