Highton physiotherapists easing the pain of back pain

June 24, 2016

Back pain is one of the biggest burdens on the health and lifestyle of Australians, and if you suffer from ongoing back pain, you know about it’s debilitating effect. Physiotherapists like the team at Highton’s South Valley Clinic can help if you fall into this category and want solutions to reduce your pain.

To understand why our Highton physiotherapists should become your new best friends, we first need to explain a bit about the spine. Its job is to support your body weight. That means 24 small bones stacked on top of each other, called vertebra, separated by spongy cartilage, called discs, work together to help support your body in a variety of positions. That’s a heck of a work load for these small bones and their shock absorbing neighbours.

Supporting these champions in your back is a group of deep muscles, which attach to your spine to help it move. These are the foundations of your back. These deep muscles can contribute to low back pain when they lack the strength to support your spine. When this happens, the bigger muscles in your back and pelvis become overworked and fatigued because they have to pick up the slack of your deep spinal muscles. Disc injuries can also occur because of a weakness in these deep muscles because the spine tries to pick up the slack.

The Highton physiotherapy team at South Valley Clinic are experienced in managing back and spinal pain. We can provide treatment to help provide relief from back pain, as well as arm you with the support and tools to manage your symptoms and work towards becoming pain free. Our physiotherapists David Upfill and Vanessa Calvert can teach you exercises that target your deep spinal muscles if they are in fact the culprit.

Call our Highton clinic today and take the first step towards reducing your back pain, or make a physiotherapy appointment to prevent back pain becoming a pain in your life.